Posted on: May 16, 2008 9:27 am

FANS to purchase Cubs

If my math holds true, the Cubs (not counting Wrigley) are worth about 700 million.


7000 donors @ $100,000 a piece could but the team outright., and other combinations...70,000 @ $10K a piece, etc.

And knowing what I know about Lakeview/Wrigleyville (I've lived here for 3 years), a lot of people re-fied their homes when the bubble swelled in '04-'06, and a lot of them have money to burn.  I think we could do it.  We would treat it like any other corporation, with your % share being your vote's weight to hire GM, President, VP, etc. 

Why can't this happen?

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Posted on: February 12, 2008 8:30 pm

The Wizenhunt Cardinals

While they are not my favorite team, i do have some investment in this franchise.

Growing up in Pittsburgh ans following the Pittsburgh Panthers gave me ample opportunity to watch Larry Fitzgerald.  While I believe Anquan Boldin is a better player, Ken Wizenhunt is smartly getting the ball to the purer receiver in Fitz through Matt Leinart and Kurt Warner

BUT, now that his contract is up for renegotiation, I believe the Arizona Cardinals will find some way to botch it, or not keep both studs, which, to be honest, would be smart to dish Boldin for Chester Taylor and flat out CUT Edgerrin James, or better still, CUT Edge and sign Michael Turner who should be one of the big grabs this offseason.  They need to keep both WRs to stay successful and dangeous.

Ken Wizenhunt is an overrated play-caller, and I believe playing relief with Leinart and Warner is stunting Leinart's growth.  I also believe Edge is so far past it, the money they gave him was a sorry investment they should have used to sign Fitz to a longterm, pot-rookie contract.

Luckily, they are only a DB and a RB away from winning 10 games, but that IF Warner stays on the field or Leinart is allowed to go.

I predict them to have a 7 win season followed by at least 3 straight playoff appearances.  BTW, WTF is wrong with EVERY professional writer picking them to break through EVERY year.  Just can it and admit they are still a few years out.

Posted on: February 12, 2008 8:09 pm

First Shot

Well boys and girls,

Its about time I reclaimed my place as a writer by posting my first ever blog.  I need teh practice, and a place to drop my thoughts and rants.

Please feel welcome to comment, criticize, and create your own rants alongside mine.


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